Jillian Harris On Ex Jesse Kovacs: ‘He Has Proven How Little He Respects Women’

Jillian Harris may have put her Bachelorette past behind her as she has managed to find love on her own, but she still watches the many seasons that have aired since she was on television. And she has been watching Bachelors in Paradise since her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Kovacs, was briefly on the show.

However, Jillian Harris is completely shocked at what she has seen. This is not the Jesse she once knew. And Jillian has no problem calling him out for his comments and actions. Of course, Kovacs called Christy a “dumb blonde” and told all of the other guys who he hooked up with and kept bragging about it.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Jillian Harris wrote a blog post after the previous episode aired, where she gave props to Michelle Money, Lacy Faddoul, and Christy Hansen for giving a piece of their minds to Jesse before he left.

“Thank you for standing up for girls all around the world tonight and convincing Christy to tell Jesse off,” Harris wrote in her blog.

“Since my season, I have no hard feelings with Jesse, but I was disappointed with his behavior last night. Can you believe what he said in the car ride home?!?!? I was shocked!!! He has proven how little he respects women, and it’s pretty disgusting that he doesn’t even see the harm in anything he does or says!!!!” Jillian Harris has revealed.

Jillian didn’t pick Kovacs on her season. He was sent home during the seventh week of the show and they never got too serious while filming The Bachelorette. But his blatant disregard for the women on the show completely shocked Harris. He wasn’t like this on The Bachelorette.

He has been labeled one of the most arrogant and rude contestants in the Bachelor franchise history, and there have been quite a few people who have left some unforgettable impressions. But it almost seemed like he didn’t care who he hooked up with as long as he hooked up with someone. And while Jillian Harris doesn’t have any bad feelings against him, she has no problem calling him out.

According to The Inquisitr, Kovacs has issued a formal apology to the women he hurt during the show. But one can imagine that they won’t accept his apology. It is admirable that Harris is speaking out against Jesse and in favor of the women, who fought for Christy’s broken heart. And now, Jillian is helping the women in their fight against him.

Are you surprised that Jillian Harris is calling him out on his disrespectful ways?

[Image via Corusent and ABC]