‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: A Week 11 HOH Is Named, But What About That Reset Button?

It looks like this could be a very interesting week in the Big Brother 16 house. All of the easy evictions are out of the way, and the alliance needs to start making some difficult cuts. In addition, Julie Chen announced a big twist during Thursday night’s episode. What are the latest Big Brother spoilers regarding the week 11 Head of Household and that rewind button?

According to Big Brother Network, the live feed BigBrother spoilers revealed that Frankie Grande won the Head of Household competition for week 11. That put him in a fantastic position, as otherwise he surely would have been targeted for eviction. However, it seems that Frankie just couldn’t resist the mysterious draw of that rewind button.

The BB16 houseguests went back and forth over the button, with Frankie nudging everybody to push it. As Buddy TV notes, Big Brother spoilers indicate that Derrick was the main houseguest resisting the button. While many viewers may be frustrated with Derrick’s stronghold on this season, most would have to admit he’s playing the best game compared to the other houseguests by a mile. While viewers know what the button will do, the houseguests did not. They should have been extremely wary of it, but it seems the temptation was just too strong.

While the houseguests will continue this week as if nothing has changed, Frankie effectively eliminated his reign as HOH. During Wednesday’s live show, Frankie will be tossed out as HOH and the nominees will breathe a sigh of relief. The entire week will be replayed in one swift hour.

There will be week 11 nominations on Friday and a Power of Veto competition Saturday, with the ceremony typically on Monday, but none of it will really matter. The houseguests now have a countdown clock taunting them, but they don’t know what will happen when it runs out. Will Derrick figure it out? He’s been pretty accurate in anticipating other big twists in the game, but viewers will have to stay tuned to see what ideas the BB16 houseguests come up with regarding this one.

One big question that many are wondering regards exactly who will be eligible to play for HOH once the rewind starts. If this truly goes back to start the week over again, that would seemingly mean that Derrick still can’t compete and Frankie can. But, other variations could end up meaning that everybody plays, or Frankie can’t play while Derrick can. The specifics on that one could have a big impact on what happens going forward. Some note that the one interesting thing that could come from this week is that Frankie still has to make nominations as if they will stand. Of course, Victoria is going up, but how will he handle which of the guys to put up with her? He will probably play it all off as if it’s no big deal, and the guy he chooses is simply a pawn, but it could stir up some drama and reveal some loyalties.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as the week continues, and the houseguests theorize the meaning of the button. The Big Brother 16 schedule changes now for the rest of the season. Tune into new episodes on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights now as the final five battle for the big cash prize.

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