Sofia Vergara And Joe Manganiello’s Relationship Already In Trouble?

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello just got together to form Hollywood’s hottest couple in July, but are they already tired of each other’s beautiful bodies?

Page Six is reporting that this epic romance could soon come to an end. According to an unnamed source, Sofia Vergara just can’t get over her less muscular, non-Magic Mike-starring ex. Apparently you need more than a six pack and a sexy stripper routine to keep Sofia interested.

“Sofía has been speaking and texting with Nick, as she is still in love with him,” the Post‘s source revealed.

Vergara and crunchy onion topping entrepreneur Nick Loeb decided to end their engagement back in May. That same month, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s love affair began—but Vergara wasn’t aware that it had started. As E! News reports, Manganiello was photographed sneaking a peek at Sofia’s famous backside at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Ever the hopeless romantic, Joe revealed that it was love at first sight.

“C’mon you can’t put that in front of me. What am I supposed to do? I’m not going to apologize. I totally got busted. That was actually funny when we first started dating, months after that.”

Joe also said that he was a gentleman and waited for Sofia Vergara to become a single lady before asking her out. Unfortunately for him, now the Modern Family star might be having second thoughts about trying to move on with one of the sexiest men in the world.

“The real reason she didn’t take Joe to the Emmys is she still loves Nick,” the source said. “She is even still publicly liking his photos for the world to see on Twitter.”

However, Sofia offered a different explanation for her boyfriend’s Emmy absence–she didn’t want the hunky star hogging her spotlight.

“He’s too hot, too tall, he takes a lot of space,” she said, according to the Daily News. “I told him, ‘Please don’t come.’ He’s too sexy!”

Sofia Vergara is gorgeous, funny, and the highest paid actress on TV. If she really wanted Nick Loeb back, why not point out what he’s missing and just go for it? Surely Sofia wouldn’t just string poor clueless Joe along while longing for Loeb—unless she’s trying to make her ex jealous. Maybe she just wants to make Nick sweat a little, and maybe she thinks that he’ll come crawling back after deciding that he just can’t stand to see her with another man.

Or maybe things aren’t quite so soap opera-y. It’s entirely possible that the New York Post‘s unnamed source wasn’t telling truth, and if Sofia Vergara really is liking her social media posts, maybe she’s just doing it to show him that she’s happy that he’s happy. People don’t always have to hate each other after a breakup.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello looked like happy, lust-worthy lovebirds during their Labor Day vacay in Mexico. They definitely didn’t seem to be experiencing any trouble in paradise during their stay at a beachfront paradise.

Do you think that Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara will last or is this just a summer fling that Sofia is using to try to get over Nick Loeb?

[Image credit: Rebecca Roach and Andrew H. Walker/Wikimedia]