Selena Gomez Confuses Easily Confused With ‘Good Boyfriend T-Shirt’ Remark

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up… and it’s all down to a T-shirt, or some such.

If Gomez wanted to troll the world when she stepped out at her Adidas NEO runway show in New York City two nights ago, mission accomplished.

“I live for a good boyfriend t-shirt even if I don’t have one. I just want this feeling,” the 22-year-old told On Demand Entertainment, in a probably non-Justin Bieber related remark at the label’s Fall 2014 event.

The Spring Breakers actress has just spent six loved-up, hand-holding, PDA-packed days and nights with Justin in Canada (and a month before that in the US), which she only flew back to on Monday, to helm the fan-assisted show as a NEO ambassador.

Over Labor Day Weekend in Justin’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario, the reunited couple made like Jelena’s glory days with a horseback-riding outing, an ATV ride, poolside petting and no doubt more.

Unfortunately, Justin did manage to get arrested and charged with assault and dangerous driving after an ATV incident. But, it didn’t stop him from posting – and deleting — what we already called the most romantic Jelena Instagram photo yet.

However, some confused outlets — or maybe not, since everyone clicked on their posts — decided to make a fuss about Gomez’s “even if I don’t have one” line and declare it a sign of Selena and Justin’s breakup.

Here’s the thing. It seems clear to us that Gomez was referring to a T-shirt, not Bieber.

Moreover, no self-respecting former Disney starlet reared at a company that understands the value of promotion would waste a “Jelena Is Done” scoop on a throwaway interview.

Lastly? Rumor has it, Selena is already back in Canada with Justin or will be shortly.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

(Photo: Bieber and Gomez riding an ATV in Ontario, Canada, on Friday, August 29.)

If her 20-year-old beau’s earlier selfie is any indication, the Biebs is feeling the heat after his Monday arrest, which arose after an alleged collision between an ATV he drove and a paparazzo-driven minivan followed by an alleged altercation on Friday.

The incident is being investigated by the Los Angeles County Probation Department. They will determine whether this new legal mess violates his egging-related two year probation sentence. It gets worse. The paparazzi involved are represented by attorney Gloria Allred, who does not play nice.

Selena will undoubtedly be called upon a witness in court when it gets to that, as she was riding behind Justin on the ATV.

Two of Bieber’s lawyers — Brian H. Greenspan and Roy Black — also weighed in.

Both directed criticisms to the photogs who followed the couple to take photos to sell. How do we know this? There wouldn’t be pictures of the pair on the ATV in different locations if Bieber and Gomez weren’t pursued, and the photos were sold.

Parting thought: Violation of privacy should be a big deal. The main reasons why it isn’t in many countries, but especially the US, is because powerful media organizations which buy what paparazzi sell, would mount a combined legal challenge if constitutional “freedoms” that allow others’ freedoms to be infringed upon were regulated stringently.

But that’s another article. The takeaway from all this?

Selena and Justin are still together, for now. Good boyfriend T-shirt or no T-shirt.

Selena Gomez at Adidas NEO Show

(Photo: Selena attending the Adidas NEO Label Show during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday.)

[Images via PacificCoastNews.]