‘Big Brother 16’: Julie Chen Teases New Twist Ahead Of Double Eviction: Are We In For A Reset?

Diehard fans of Big Brother know producers like to throw a wrench into the game every so often — for the sake of the players, and, of course, the viewing audience. Today, hours before this season’s second double eviction, host Julie Chen teased a new game twist by tweeting out a telling photo:

Live feed blogger Matthew Boyer, posting on Big Brother Network, was quick to point out the photo looks a lot like the “reset” button from season 14. As a quick check of Zap2It‘s documentation of the Big Brother action at that time reveals, the reset button allowed the coaches to reenter the game. It also prevented that night’s eviction from taking place.

This season has no coaches, but like always, there are players up for eviction. For round one, it seems Nicole is a sitting duck. It’s who goes home in part 2 of the competition that’s a bit more up in the air. Big Brother Network went through all the scenarios, and although Christine and Frankie seem to be more likely to get the boot, no one is really immune to departure — except for Derrick, who has had his way the entire season.

The blog also made note of Wednesday’s episode which seemed to suggest Derrick decided to vote out Nicole because she was on to his game — while the live feeds told a bit of a different story. Derrick wanted to backdoor Frankie, but head of household Caleb reneged on that plan after speaking with his pink-haired alliance member.

In the final weeks of the season, which is due to wrap up later this month, there may be some surprises ahead. Big Brother Network also revealed today that the Have-Not room was sealed off — and apparently rebuilt. Although Julie let the house guests know last week would be the end of the Have-Nots for this year, she didn’t give details about what alternate purpose the room might have.

BuddyTV has called Big Brother 16 a “largely predictable and dull season.” The site took the opportunity to review several “what-ifs” of the season — what would have happened if contestants had made big, dramatic moves. Caleb’s recent decision not to backdoor Frankie made the list. Interestingly, the folks at Big Brother Network implied the “reset” twist might be intended to save Frankie, by posting a joke mock-up of the gold button with Frankie’s trademark hairdo attached.

The double eviction episode of Big Brother airs tonight on CBS.

[Image: CBS/Big Brother]