Alyssa Milano Has Baby Girl: ‘No Regrets’ About Waiting To Be A Mom

Alyssa Milano gave birth to her second child today, according to US Weekly. The actress’ rep confirmed to the magazine that Milano had a baby girl with her husband David Bugliari. It’s the second child for Milano and Bugliari. Their son Milo turned three just last month.

The new baby — with the delightfully different moniker Elizabella Dylan — weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

Milano is best known as the child actress who starred in Who’s The Boss in the 1980s, spent eight seasons on Charmed from 1998 to 2006, and more recently appeared as lawyer Savi Davis on Mistresses.

Bugliari is Milano’s second husband. The two have been married since 2009. Milano let media know in March she was expecting.

Milano talked about the pending arrival of Elizabella earlier this year with Fit Pregnancy. When asked whether she loves or hates being pregnant, Milano put herself in the positive camp:

“I love it. I don’t think it’s as romantic as we project it to be through the media, but I think what the body goes through is miraculous. It’s such a cool thing to experience. I feel blessed that I’m getting another chance to do it, especially at 41.”

She also expressed no regrets about waiting until later in life to become a mom:

“When Milo finally came, I thought — this is what I’ve waited for my entire life. I wish I could sleep more, but it’s not like I wish there were other things I could be doing socially or for my own benefit. Because I really feel like he’s completed me.”

She also commented during her pregnancy that she knew early on her new addition would be a girl, because of how differently she felt:

“I had morning sickness this time, but it went away right at 12 weeks. With Milo, I didn’t have a minute of morning sickness. So I knew it was going to be a girl.”

Earlier this week, producers of Milano’s soap Mistresses spoke about the dramatic cliffhanger season finale that saw Savi’s sister express love for Savi’s husband.

Rina Mimoun told Zap2It:

“The joy of this cliffhanger for us, as much as it was devastating [to viewers], I think what we really saw as this wonderful thing is this has always been and will always be about the sisters. It’s teeing us up for a potentially great season of conflict between the sisters. What we’re look forward to in Season 3 is really tearing at the fabric of that relationship and what it does to the group and how that splits up our women.”

In the meantime, Milano is enjoying life with baby number two.

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