‘The Mentalist’ Season 7 Spoilers: Time Jump, Episodes, And Other Updates

Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon are ready for more action and definitely more romance as spoilers for The Mentalist season 7 reveal. If the couple is to face some obstacles in their new relationship, it won’t be right away because of the time lapse since the season 6 finale.

TV Line has the latest details about the time jump coming for the show.

Season 7 (premiering at “midseason”) picks up about two weeks after Jane smooched Lisbon all forrealz-like.”

In a report out by CT Entertainment, Michelle Vega will be a character new to season 7. She’s played by Josie Loren and is the woman who could break up Jisbon as they discover each other. The actress has appeared on Make It or Break It and plays a rookie FBI character who’s a masterful student in weaponry and combat. Her ability to handle difficult situations with calmness and fortitude will catch Jane’s attention, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Will Lisbon be in be in Vega’s shadow?

Enstarz reports that in the episode titled “The Greybar Hotel,” there will be car chases and shootouts.

Filming for The Mentalist season 7 is in full swing as some fans learned on Twitter about a car chase scene.

Police and Medical Technical Advisor, Karl Sonnenberg, raved about filming status.

“Got some exciting scenes coming your way.”

A car peppered with bullets was filmed in one of the takes. Anxious viewers can look forward to season 7 being anything but dull. No doubt some episodes will end with the fans wondering if Jane or Lisbon made it out alright. Action-themed episodes typically have that, after all.

13 episodes for The Mentalist will during its seventh season. Titles of those weekly episodes are “Nothing But Blue Skies,” “The Greybar Hotel,” “Orange Blossom Ice Cream,” “Pink Rocks,” and “The Silver Briefcase.”

Tim Kang is making a return to The Mentalist playing Kimball Cho. He was once a member of Lisbon’s crime unit and was briefly tied to Samaire Armstrong, played by Summer Edgecombe.

In other Mentalist spoilers, Simon Baker will direct episodes 5 and 7. In fact, editor Jimmy Gadd announced that he’s busy keeping up.

“It’s been a busy summer & I’m editing the season premiere. We just met about Simon’s ep705, Silver Briefcase. We’re moving quick.”

Baker has directed other episodes of the show, including “Red Moon,” “Blinking Red Light,” “Red Sails in the Sunset,” and “My Blue Heaven.”

The Mentalist season 7 premieres in 2015 for a 13-episode run.

[Image via Christian Today]