It’s Beyonce’s Birthday, Naturally Some People Are Being Weird About It

Some people like to treat Beyonce Knowles like a Goddess, so naturally there are people out there that are treating her birthday as a national holiday.

As reported by Pop Sugar, a college student decided to e-mail her professor notifying them that she would be missing from class today due to Beyonce’s birthday. Her hilarious e-mail, which she shared on her Twitter reads:

Good Evening Professor,

I would like to inform you that I will not be in class today due to this holiday. On September 4, 1981 The Lord blessed us all with the Goddess that is Queen Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s birthday. Out of respect, I will not be attending class today. The Lords Day. For any further questions, feel free to contact me. Have a blessed day and remember, Beyonce Loves You so Bow Down.

Here’s a screen shot of the e-mail in case there’s any confusion or disbelief:


— Your Poundcake. (@michonjanieceIV) September 4, 2014

Then this afternoon in what Gothamist is calling a “Beyonce Cult” allegedly took place in Madison Square Park for a very unusual birthday celebration. This group of Beyonce fans lined up and were photographed holding signs and wearing shirts with Beyonce’s face that said, “What happened last night?” We’re not quite sure what this movement is and if it will extend past the star’s birthday. It would be amusing if it does. So far no one really knows what to make of this small Beyonce village:

One person from the Beyonce cult informed Gothamist that this gathering is to promote a site, which has a countdown to “Last Night.” We don’t have the foggiest clue what “Last Night” is but perhaps Beyonce is in on this weird marketing event? As it is she released a surprise album with no marketing whatsoever so who knows?

Even celebrities are honoring Beyonce’s Birthday. Comedian and actor Aziz Ansari remembered a special moment he shared with the Carters and his parents:

The Ansaris and the Carters at Yeezus last weekend. When my mom asked for this photo, @Beyonce said “It would be an honor.” Amazing. Happy Bey Day. Also shout out to my parents who I love very much.

Beyonce's birthday

How will you celebrate Bey day?

[Image via SONY BMG]