Josh Altman Shows Arrogance And Lack Of Respect On ‘Million Dollar Listing’

Josh Altman has become the face of Million Dollar Listing after Madison Hildebrand decided that he didn’t want to continue sharing his career on the hit Bravo shot. That is not meant to downplay Josh Flagg’s role on the show, but Altman’s aggressive approach and rude attitude gets him noticed and gets fans of the show talking. And maybe this aggressive is what gives him plenty of listings.

But this season, Josh has to share the airtime with two new agents. Bravo has hired David Barnes and James Harris, two agents from Britain who both want to compete with Altman. And it is clear that these two agents are not pleased with Josh’s attitude.

According to a new Bravo report, Josh Altman is now being labeled as an arrogant agent with a bad attitude. In fact, James Harris thinks that Altman lacks respect and etiquette in his business dealings.

“Why is Josh Altman so concerned with me and David? For someone who preaches about respect and etiquette, sending over a bottle of champagne to us when he clearly knows we don’t drink is a gesture that lacks both. One thing we know is true — when it comes to Altman, lip service and action are two separate things,” Harris has revealed in his official blog for the show.

Even though Altman managed to win over Madison‘s former assistant, Heather Bilyeu, he still managed to anger several agents on the show. It is no secret that him and Hildebrand were feuding at times, and Altman could be the reason why Madison decided to leave.

Luckily for Josh Flagg, he doesn’t take Altman’s comments too seriously or personality. As shown on last week’s episode, Flagg almost takes joy in seeing Altman aggressively going after the new agents on the show.

According to The Inquisitr, Josh Altman and Heather got engaged last year while filming the previous season of Million Dollar Listing. On the show, he admits that he has been planning the wedding almost by himself, because Heather has been so busy working for his company, The Altman Brothers.

Fans who don’t enjoy watching Josh on the show may have to switch over to Million Dollar Listing: New York or Million Dollar Listing: Miami. It sounds like Josh won’t be leaving the show behind anytime soon.

What do you think of Josh Altman? Do you think he is too much, or do you enjoy seeing his arrogant character on the show?

[Image via Bravo]