Austin Mahone Got Flirty With Katy Perry At The MTV Video Music Awards

Austin Mahone was reportedly on the receiving end of some serious A-list flirting during his recent trip to the MTV Video Music Awards.

Since Justin Bieber seems to have fallen out of the world’s good graces, it would appear that some people are now turning their attention to Mahone. The Texas-born heartthrob is on the tip of a lot of tongues these days, and apparently his presence hasn’t gone unnoticed by a few of his fellow pop stars. This apparently includes Katy Perry, who did a double take after catching sight of the young guy on the red carpet.

According to Contactmusic, Austin got a pretty big thrilled out of Perry’s reaction to his presence at the VMAs. Although it’s highly doubtful that anything remotely romantic will come of it, at least he can add this to his ever-growing list of accomplishments.

“I was on the red carpet and said hello to Katy Perry, and she turned and said hi. Then she did a double take, looked at me and said hi again in, like, a flirty voice. It was pretty amazing.”

Of course, this isn’t the only close encounter with a famous musician Mahone has experienced at the VMAs. Last year, Austin had the opportunity to meet the guys from One Direction. According to the young singer, Niall Horan couldn’t say enough good things about his kicks. Boys will be boys, after all.

Austin recently opened up about his encounter with 1D.

“Last VMAs I performed on the pre-show. I was back and getting ready for my performance and One Direction walks in. I see Niall and he saw my shoes and he was like, ‘Oh man, those are the sickest shoes I have ever seen.’ And he was obsessed with my shoes and couldn’t stop looking at them, so I thought that was pretty cool.”

Of course, meeting celebrities isn’t the only thing Austin Mahone enjoys about his career these days. During his recent chat with Access Atlanta, the singer said he loves touring the world. Although the guy adores selling out shows around the world, he has a soft spot for playing the South, which frequently includes a George Strait cover or two.

“It’s definitely a Texas thing. I grew up listening to him. He’s one of my favorite country artists. I feel like the South is the same everywhere. Everyone is really nice and there’s a great Southern hospitality.”

What do you think about Austin Mahone getting flirty with Katy Perry?

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