Linkin Park Cover Goes Viral - Ten Second Songs Hits It Again

Aaron Turpen

If you haven't heard of Anthony Vincent and Ten Second Songs, Linkin Park would like you to get to know him. Vincent does "20 Styles" covers of songs, usually pop hits, in a myriad of styles in video vignettes. This time, the cover artist is doing Linkin Park's In the End, using the vocal styles of Michael Jackson, Axl Rose, Boys II Men and more. Seventeen songs to be exact, including a finale using Frank Sinatra.

The video is the fourth Ten Second Songs video, all of which have gone viral. Chester Bennington from Linkin Park appears in this one to give it a stamp of approval and throw a shout out to both the Linkin Park and the Ten Second Songs video channel.

Rolling Stone has called this Linkin Park cover "an impressive feat," breaking down the video's stylings one by one. They point out that this Linkin Park cover is the latest in his series, the first of which, Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" in 20 styles, has over ten million views.

The Ten Second Songs Facebook page has garnered more than 81,000 fans so far. There, you can see Vincent recount a story about when he first remembers hearing In the End by Linkin Park. Spoiler: it was his 12th birthday party and he was hoping to make out with a girl, who instead made out with someone else to the Linkin Park song.