November 1, 2017
Blake Shelton Says New Album Tackles Heartbreak, 'Getting Drunk'

Blake Shelton has a new album in the works. However, the country singer said fans shouldn't expect the same upbeat material found on his previous endeavors.

Shelton is a busy guy these days. Not only is he focusing on his own career, he's assisting up-and-coming artists find fortune and glory via The Voice. When he has a few free moments to spare, he's helping Pizza Hut push their latest pies or fielding questions about his marriage to Miranda Lambert. Blake definitely has a full plate.

While gathering material for his new album, Bringing Back the Sunshine, Blake Shelton decided to return to the sort of staples found in country music tunes through the ages. In other words, the singer intends to tackle much well-worn topics as heartbreak and "getting drunk." Despite the sunny title, Shelton admits his new tunes have a slightly darker edge.

Blake Shelton New Album

Blake blames his happier songs on his marriage to Miranda.

"My last couple of albums have been so positive, because when I made them I was just getting married. It's been in this awesome place. But after a while, as a country singer, I gotta get back to singing about getting drunk because there's people out there -- and I've been one of them -- that have had their heart broken, or they've had a tough day at work, or they get stabbed in the back."

The country singer added:

"The whole album is searching for parts of me that I think have... not gotten lost along the way, but stuff that I haven't addressed in my music as much as I used to, whether it's drinking songs, heartbreak songs or songs about how people treat you. Things like that."
If Blake discovers that his fans have abandoned ship when Bringing Back the Sunshine hits retail shelves, then at least he can fall back on his moonlighting gig as a Pizza Hut spokesperson. The Inquisitr previously reported that people seem to enjoy his ads, especially fellow country music star Taylor Swift.
"I saw Taylor Swift this week. She said, 'You're so funny in those Pizza Hut commercials!' And I said, 'Yeah, Taylor. That was my goal all along as a kid: to make it to this level in country music so I could sell the most amount of pizzas possible… reach the biggest audience of pizzas that I possibly can."
Are you looking forward to Blake Shelton's new album Bringing Back the Sunshine? What do you think about the singer tackling darker and more traditional subjects?

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