Miley Cyrus Posts Insane New Instagram Pics: Are They From Her New Video?

After the recent MTV Music Video Awards, Miley Cyrus swore off “twerking,” the dance move performed by bending over and shaking one’s bum up and down. This came on the heels of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda performance. Miley stated that she didn’t “have that a**” and that she didn’t “have that anaconda.” As reported by the Inquisitr, Cyrus also announced that she was making a new album, and more shockingly, that she was making it with the Flaming Lips, the legendary alternative band. Miley went out of her way to say that she was most happy in the studio, working on her songs, and that music was what it was all about.

This report had many scratching their heads. Had Miley Cyrus actually grown up a bit? Well, fear not twerk-lovers. If Miley’s new pictures on her official Instagram account mean anything, they show that Cyrus still loves a good laugh and isn’t a stranger to making a scene… at least not yet.

First, the pictures.

There was no concrete word on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram account as to what all the glitter balloons, strap-on booty’s, fish candy shower curtains, chicken heads and twerking little people were for, but MTV is betting that it’s all for a new video.

Miley Cyrus just finished up her Bangerz tour in the United States. Next week she’ll head to Puerto Rico to start the final leg of that tour for her latest album, and some had wondered if all the costumes in the studio were part of a reset of her stage show. Changing up the entire show for one leg doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, however, leading to the new video talk.

Speaking of videos, Miley might still be smarting after her VEVO record was broken by Nicki Minaj. Before Minaj’s super sexualized video for Anaconda came out, Miley Cyrus held the record for most video views on VEVO for her single, Wrecking Ball. Anaconda squeezed the life out of that record, according to The Hollywood Reporter, garnering 19.6 million views in a 24 hour period. Perhaps Miley thinks she has to go above and beyond her past videos to get the record back… to the extent that she’ll include actors in chicken heads and an enormous strap-on set of buns?

The Video Music Awards weren’t a total downer for Miley Cyrus, however. The pop star brought home a Moonman for her Wrecking Ball music video. Miley didn’t accept the award herself. Instead, Cyrus had her date, a young homeless man named Jesse, accept the award on her behalf to raise awareness for displaced youth in America.

Is Miley Cyrus shooting a new video? If so, which song off of Bangerz do you think it’s for?

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