‘The Big Bang Theory’ Set Photos And Spoilers: Penny’s New Hair, Shamy’s Slow Burn

New The Big Bang Theory set photos reveal a very big change: Penny has a Peter Pan pixie.

This isn’t a huge shock because actress Kaley Cuoco has been rocking her short hairstyle for weeks. However, it’s still weird seeing her on The Big Bang Theory set with a totally new look. In some of the photos posted on TV Line, Penny’s haircut isn’t her only style update—she also trades her Cheesecake Factory waitress uniform for a stylish new suit. Fanboys will probably miss seeing Kaley Cuoco in that skintight, baby diarrhea-colored top.

According to TV Line, Penny is giving up her actress/waitress gig to work as a pharmaceutical sales rep at Bernadette’s company. This means that her new look isn’t the only change that Leonard has to get used to, and Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro makes it sound like the other half of Lenny might pull a Sheldon by pouting about things being different.

“It alters their dynamic because now she’s actually doing well financially. It’s a new chapter for her.”

Penny New Job Big Bang Theory

As The Inquisitr previously reported, this power shift could spell trouble for Penny and Leonard—Penny’s new chapter might include another Lenny breakup. It was already revealed that the couple won’t be getting married during season 8 of The Big Bang Theory.

Shamy will also hit a bump in the road after Sheldon’s trip ends in disaster. The travel-challenged train lover ends up getting robbed, and it looks like the greedy thief who jumps him even steals his khakis.

Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Cooper Loses His Pants

“His belongings have been stolen and he needs Leonard to come pick him up in Arizona. Amy’s not pissed at him for leaving, but she’s certainly not thrilled that when he ran into trouble he called Leonard instead of her.”

However, Shamy fans have nothing to worry about—they just shouldn’t expect to see the couple getting married or experiencing coitus anytime soon. According to Molaro, their relationship will continue to develop slower than it took for humans to evolve from apes, but there’s something refreshing about watching Shamy’s sluggish love story on The Big Bang Theory. The sloth-like pace makes every little touch and tender moment seem like a really big deal.

Shamy Big Bang Theory

“We’re always moving them forward in baby steps… They’re on the same trajectory that they’ve been on since they met, and that is she is continuing to drag him along into this relationship, whether he wants to admit that he likes it or or not. He’s come a long way. She’s got him to a place where they hold hands and they kiss and they go on regular dates. While it may not seem like a lot, it’s a colossal amount for him.”

With Penny and Bernadette working together, Amy might need Sheldon more than ever. She’ll probably feel left out when her only female friends start talking about stuff that happened at work, and just imagine how sad she’ll be if they ever go on a work-related trip or attend a work-related party without her. Perhaps The Big Bang Theory needs to introduce a new pal or two for Amy to bond with.

Penny And Bernadette On The Big Bang Theory

In other Big Bang Theory news, Stuart will decide to become the permanent caretaker of Howard’s overbearing mother, and poor Howie might actually start missing the way his ma relied on him. Molaro revealed that viewers will get to learn what Raj’s new girlfriend Emily is “really like,” which could mean that she’s really kinky, really clingy or really crazy. Molaro also reiterated that Bernadette and Howard will not be having a baby during season 8.

Are you looking forward to seeing a reunited Shamy and a grownup Penny when The Big Bang Theory returns on September 22?

[Image credits: CBS via TV Line]