What ‘Resident Evil’ Lurking in Milla Jovovich Held Up Final Sequel?

Video games don’t get much more legendary than Capcom’s famed Resident Evil series. Millions of gamers have followed update after update through four generations of consoles with few failures in between. But that’s also part of the reason why the film series — starring Ukraine-born, United States-raised Milla Jovovich — has been a double-edged sword for everyone involved.

Resident Evil came with a built-in audience, but that audience was a picky one. Furthermore, people who hadn’t played the games would forever see it as “a movie based on a video game” — a slogan that you don’t exactly want following you around, even in the days of literary games like Bioshock. Add in an actress like Jovovich, known more for her looks than ability to interpret Shakespeare, and a director whose name is practically synonymous with hack — and voilà, you’ve got a critical disaster.

Still, Resident Evil‘s soon to be six-film run is a testament to the fact that reviews aren’t everything — the series has grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide. That run, however, is coming to end with a sixth film that is now expected sometime in 2015 after delays affected the production schedule due to Jovovich’s pregnancy with the child of Resident Evil’s original director Paul W.S. Anderson, which was announced via Facebook last month.

Milla Jovovich's pregnancy stalls Resident Evil

Fans of the series might have an extra wait for the final film, but original fans of the game Resident Evil have two new installments to look forward. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 will be the first new game of the franchise on the PS4 and the Xbox One, as well as being available for PS3, 360 and PC, according to High Def Digest.


But fans of Resident Evil‘s classic original title will also see the second update of the original game — this time in full HD quality — making the game’s characters the closest they’ve been yet to looking like Milla Jovovich.

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