OITNB’s Taryn Manning’s Alleged Stalker Arrested

Although Taryn Manning has a lot to celebrate these days by being on Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, she’s had a bit of a rough time. Manning has had to deal with an alleged stalker. To make matters worse, the stalker, Janine Heller, is a former friend of the star and one that started to “cyber stalk” Manning.

According to E!, Heller has been arrested after violating a court order of protection. New York Police officials are confirming the news that Manning’s stalker violated her order and was charged with criminal contempt in the second degree.

Taryn Manning’s former friend turned stalker is said to have emailed and called Manning, which lead to her arrest. Officials had this to say to E!.

“The persistent and relentless violations of Ms. Manning’s privacy by Ms. Heller have caused Ms. Manning and her family tremendous concern for their safety and well-being. Ms. Manning will continue to work with investigators and attorneys in the New York County District Attorney’s Office in furtherance of this matter.”

So what went into this alleged cyber stalking? Apparently a lot as Heller is accused of making the actress “paranoid by attempting to make her believe that another friend was selling secrets about her to the press.”

At one point there was some documentation of their exchanges on the social networking site twitter. Manning’s stalker Heller has tried her best to claim her innocence through her own personal account.

In tweets that have now been deleted the stalker tweeted:

Are u kidding me – lies

— Jeanine Heller (@JeanineHeller) September 2, 2014

Stupid me for responding to 1 of ur several texts emails photo messages and calls since july. Shame on u – the truth will come out at trial

— Jeanine Heller (@JeanineHeller) September 3, 2014

Off to bed. It’s been stressful but I have full faith that the truth will come out

— Jeanine Heller (@JeanineHeller) September 3, 2014

In addition to the tweets, Heller’s twitter account has vanished as well. It’s unknown whether or not the stalker has decided to delete her account or if twitter took matters into their own hands.

So far Taryn has not said anything in regards to the recent arrest on twitter. Regardless she seems to be having a good time in New York despite everything.

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