September 3, 2014
When This Young Lady Opens Her Mouth, You'll Never Believe What Comes Out (Hint: It Has 8 Legs)

Katrina Dewees-Steele is one young lady who needs her mouth washed out with soap — or something. Because when she opens her mouth, the things that come out, you just wouldn't believe.

Actually, you don't have to cover your sensitive ears when you watch this very short — 6 second — video. But you might want to cover your eyes.

Yes, that's right, the 8-legged creature that emerges from the mouth of Katrina Dewees-Steele is indeed exactly what it looks like: a live spider.

To be exact, that's a Golden Hunstman spider. Fortunately for Katrina, and for any prospective romantic partners, the Golden Hunstman despite being one of the largest spiders to be found in North America is basically harmless to human beings. At least to the ones who don't let the spider crawl around in their mouths.

We can tell Katrina is a fun-loving young woman — what other kind else would wear a baseball cap that reads, "Take your panties off!" — so we assume she made this video for the sheer amusement of it. The spider appears to be just fine, as well, as it crawls on her face and finds a resting point on her cheek.

Anyway, fellas, Katrina has a boyfriend, so don't get any funny ideas.