Sorry Folks, Amal Alamuddin Is Not Pregnant With George Clooney’s Child

Despite “exclusive” baby bump pictures teased by OK Magazine, and later on Life & Style, we can now report that George Clooney’s fiance Amal Alamuddin is absolutely not expecting their first child.

According to E!, sources said that while Alamuddin and Clooney are very happy, they aren’t expecting a child. Clooney’s rep flat out said, “Alamuddin is not pregnant.” So let’s put these rumors to rest until George and Amal have something different to say. In fact, can we stop putting all pregnant famous women under a microscope? Baby bump watching like it’s an Olympic sport is not a good look.

Clooney and Alamuddin were photographed together, and a gust of wind must have popped Amal’s dress a bit, and the tabloids decided to run with it. According to Life & Style this is the reason behind the “quick wedding.”

That said, this is a story that has been rehashed several times, and it will probably get brought up a few other times before the Hollywood couple gets hitched. At least this time around Clooney’s reps are trying to put a stop to the speculation.

A source close to the couple told E! that despite these pesky rumors they are both “very happy” and seem to be enjoying their time together. Their wedding is expected to take place in Lake Como where Clooney has property. The source goes on to say that the Oceans 11 star is “very hands-on” in planning the “small and intimate wedding,” which will take place in Italy, and in London.

The insider continued.

“George has always loved Como, he finds it very peaceful and relaxing and now Amal has fallen in love with the area as well. They want to start their married life there with the beautiful lake as a backdrop. George’s home on the lake is like a very well-oiled machine. He has the local mayor fully on his side and the locals, too, and he can ensure that press and paparazzi are kept away.”

Seems like these two have everything ironed out. Now the question is whether or not it will be a star-studded event. Although it will be small and intimate, that doesn’t mean George’s famous friends Brad Pitt or Matt Damon are excluded from the ceremony, does it?

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