September 3, 2014
'Edge Of Tomorrow' Is Officially A Pretty Big Deal For Tom Cruise

Edge of Tomorrow wasn't the biggest hit at the box office earlier this year, but it was apparently a pretty big deal for Tom Cruise.

Although Hollywood still believes the Top Gun star is a major draw, his ability to separate moviegoers from their mad money has seriously waned over the past several years. Outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise, Tom has a hard time convincing most people to see his movies. If you need cinematic proof, then check out the box office totals for both Jack Reacher, Rock of Ages, and Oblivion.

However, Cinema Blend reports that Edge of Tomorrow managed to break that dry spell. The movie reportedly brought home $100 million in North America, which is a rarity for Cruise these days. It helps matters considerably that director Doug Liman's adaptation of the Japanese novel is one of the best action movies of 2014.

The $178 million sci-fi flick performed exceptionally well in foreign markets. While his star may not shine nearly as bright as it did during his heyday, Cruise can still pack 'em in overseas. According to Box Office Mojo, Edge of Tomorrow brought home $264 million overseas. This pushes its worldwide total to an impressive $364 million.

Moviepilot explains that Edge of Tomorrow managed to make quite a bit of money thanks to a slew of good reviews and positive word of mouth. Although the movie tumbled down the box office after its first week in theaters, that didn't stop the flick from slowly but surely bringing in some cash this summer. Rightfully so.

Since Tom Cruise wants to keep making movies that generate revenue for studios, the actor is going back to his old stomping grounds. His post-Edge of Tomorrow endeavors reportedly include Mission: Impossible 5 and a sequel to 2012's Jack Reacher. There's also a rumor making the rounds that the actor will reprise his role as Maverick in the long-awaited follow-up to Top Gun. However, that's still up in the air, no pun intended.

If you missed Edge of Tomorrow during its jaunt through theaters earlier this year, then you'll want to catch the flick on home video. reports that the movie is presently slated to hit Blu-ray in North America on October 7. While the film will also hit DVD, this is definitely one you'll want to see in high-definition.

Are you surprised Edge of Tomorrow made $100 million in North America? Do you believe Tom Cruise is still a serious box office draw?

[Lead image via Warner Bros.]