This Is What TV Has Become: CW Gives Go Ahead To “Musical Chairs” Gameshow

From the network that has brought us such gems as America’s Next Top Model and the 90210 remake the CW has announced their newest sure to be a hit offering, a gameshow based around the popular children’s game musical chairs. Yes you heard me correct, musical chairs.

Called Extreme Musical Chairs producers of the show say it’s like Wipeout meets outdoor recess.

The game basically takes musical chairs and adds an obstacle course, users must make it through the course and find a chair before their fellow contestants, the person left without a chair is then eliminated from the game. Sure it’s not quite your childhood game of musical chairs but it’s also nothing all that new.

A network insider tellsVariety:

“The series would transform the popular children’s game into a physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course.”

So there you have it a bastardization of yet another childhood memory courtesy of a broadcast network. Just think, you’re paying upwards of $50+ a month for this type of stellar TV programming, in the meantime you can buy a bunch of chairs and have the same fun at home with more of a personal reward.

Will you be tuning into Extreme Musical Chairs?