‘Teen Mom’ Star Chelsea Houska Ruins Her Figure With Cake and Junk Food?

Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has grown up in front of the cameras, starting out as an emotional teenager. She has grown into a strong woman, who doesn’t just lay down when faced with a challenge. After giving birth to Aubree, Chelsea admitted to carrying around some baby weight, but she has decided to work hard to shed the weight. Houska is saying goodbye to hoodies and headbands, and hello to a thinner frame and a more sophisticated wardrobe.

Like anyone else who has struggled with their weight, Chelsea has problems eating healthy all the time. Sometimes, she allows herself to indulge, but even Houska feels two weekends in a row is munching too much. But since her birthday is very close to her daughter Aubree’s birthday, this little family will be celebrating for weeks in a row.

According to a new set of tweets, Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska is now revealing that she has munched on cake and junk food all weekend, and will be continuing with this unhealthy eating streak this upcoming weekend.

“Time to work off all this cake and junk food I ate for my birthday this last weekend,” Chelsea Houska tweeted this week, adding, “….Only to ruin that with more cake and junk food this coming weekend for Aubree’s birthday”

Of course, it is healthy to let go a little and indulge on birthdays as these celebrations only happen twice a year for Chelsea and her daughter. Plus, Houska has already proven that she knows the secret of losing weight and getting fit. Her before-and-after pictures on Instagram are jaw-dropping.

And Houska may have a good reason to stay healthy and confident these days. She may not be preparing for another baby, but Chelsea Houska may be dating again. She recently posted a picture of her kissing a new guy on the cheek, and everyone is wondering if Houska is dating again.

According to The Inquisitr, Chelsea Houska has revealed that Adam Lind is making an effort in being a father to little Aubree. On Teen Mom, he wasn’t making an effort and he showed up late to Aubree’s softball game. But things have changed, and Chelsea posted a picture of herself, Adam and little Aubree, revealing that he did show up for her first day of school.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska’s healthy body? Are you surprised that she is letting herself indulge, considering she has been on such a strict workout and eating regime?

[Image via Radar Online]