September 3, 2014
Max Hall Arrested For Stealing From Best Buy And Walmart While On Cocaine

Max Hall, like so many athletes, had a storied career that seems to have ended in handcuffs. Mr. Hall, a former Arizona Cardinal Quarterback and current Gilbert Hill School's offensive coordinator, was arrested at his local Best Buy Friday, Lawless Republic reported.

Gilbert police were called to the Best Buy near Loop 202 and Williams Field Road at about 11:30 a.m. Friday where they found Hall in possession of 'several stolen items from Best Buy and a nearby Walmart,' according to a Gilbert police spokesman.

Police also found a 'personal use quantity of cocaine,' according to the spokesman.

Officers released Hall following his arrest on suspicion of shoplifting and narcotics possession, police said.

Max Hall started off his career, seemingly, primed for greatness in football. According to Bleacher Report, Mr. Hall had quite the college career.
Hall enjoyed a decorated collegiate career at Brigham Young, where he went 32-7 in three years as a starter for the Cougars and threw for 11,365 yards, 94 touchdowns and 40 interceptions.
The Arizona Republic reports, Max Hall originally told police the $286 worth of electronics was purchased at a nearby Walmart, but could not produce the receipt. Then, Hall began apologizing to police, explaining this was his first time shoplifting.
He immediately apologized to police and tried to make amends with the store's employees. Hall told employees if he got caught he could get fired from his job and that he had never shoplifted before.
Max Hall Mugshot
Max Hall Mugshot

After his admission to shop lifting, the police continued to search his backpack. It was during this time that the police made the discovery that Mr. Hall was in possession of drugs and paraphernalia. The Arizona Republic released the arresting officers reported findings.

I located a clear, plastic bag that contained (two) hypodermic needles, a metal spoon, a lighter and a white plastic pill bottle.
Despite having an impressive start in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals with a surprising win against the New Orlean Saints 30-20, he did not retain that level of stardom. Bleacher Report stated that his time in NFL was short lived.
But that was the apex of Hall's NFL success, as he wound up struggling on the whole in six career games, throwing one touchdown to six interceptions and averaging just 4.74 yards per attempt.
Hall's career in the pros did not recover after 2011. He made his return in 2012 as BYU student assistant coach, and most recently in Gilbert Hill School.

The school has yet to determine Max Hall's fate on the coaching staff, as Mr. Hall was released and no charges were filed yet, Deseret News reports.

Police have forwarded recommendations to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office. Shoplifting charges are generally misdemeanors while drug possession can be charged as a felony.

'It's up to the court and the judge to decide that.' Gilbert Police Sgt. Sanger said.

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