June 17, 2013
Lion King 3D Beats Brad Pitt's Money Ball, Claims Weekened Box Office Win

Despite amazing reviews and positive word of mouth Brad Pitt's Money Ball wasn't able to beat an old time favorite this weekend at the box office. The Lion King 3D took in $22.1 million from Friday to Sunday for a cumulative re-released total of $61.7 million while Money Ball earned $20.6 million.

Originally released in 1994 The Lion King is the highest grossing animated move of all time with more than $860 million earned worldwide. The movie has also inspired one of the most successful broadway shows of all time and a product line that still exists to this very day.

The funny part about the re-release is that the movie was only meant to be used as a limited-time release to promote the film's DVD/Blu-Ray 3D release that will arrive in October. That limited release is likely to last longer given the successful run the movie has been experiencing.

Many of my friends took their children to see the movie over the last two weekends as they introduced their children to a beloved story from their own childhood and teenage years, I can't say it surprises me that the movie fared so well.

Given the choice would you rather go and see Money Ball or The Lion King 3D?