September 3, 2014
WWE News: Jerry Springer Set For 'WWE RAW' Next Week, Will Help To Settle Bella Twin Feud

WWE is known for trying to do shocking angles to confuse or excite fans. So it should come as no real surprise that the WWE split the Bella Twins. The two are now in a full-fledged rivalry. At the core of it all, it seems Nikki is mad because of her sister always getting better things than her and so on. It seems that the two cannot settle this issue privately and especially not publicly. We sure know that The Authority won't be doing much to help the cause.

Due to this, WWE will be bringing in a man who knows all about family conflict. In fact, he knows about Pro-Wrestling too. That man is Jerry Springer. When families cannot work things out, they go to Springer and he helps them. Well, I shouldn't say help. Usually things get violent and curse words fly. So really, it's more like a family reunion. Someone reveals that sleep with someone's husband, someone is pregnant but the dad is not the boyfriend, etc. You know, real wholesome family entertainment.

This is the press release WWE sent out to inform us all of Springer's appearance:

The Bella Twins are about to get some family management advice from a third-party.

Jerry Springer has been confirmed to moderate a discussion between the estranged 'Total Divas' stars on the season premiere of Monday Night Raw in Baltimore on Sept. 8. The Bellas, as the WWE Universe knows, have been at vicious odds since Nikki turned on her twin sister Brie at SummerSlam. Recent weeks have seen Nikki demean her sister at every turn and go so far as to slander her reputation in "Growing Up Bella" vignettes that exposed Brie's alleged childhood secrets.

Of course, nobody does family dysfunction like Springer, but will he be able to bridge the divide between the warring sisters? Find out next week at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CT, on USA Network.

Jerry Springer Bellas

Obviously WWE is entertainment and for the longest time, most have felt that Jerry Springer is scripted, sort of real-life drama.

Springer has appeared on WWE RAW in the past, as a guest host. So Springer certainly knows about all the chaos one can go through in the company. Which is cool to see. He was quite entertaining last time he was on, so hopefully that happens this time around as well.

This segment will be interesting to see. As WWE's Total Diva series will be coming back to E! this Sunday. The show is already filmed for the season, so all of the family drama will not have gone down yet. It is supposed to go up to SummerSlam toward the end of the season. It is uncertain if WWE will keep this Bella drama a storyline or real-life for Total Divas, which blurs both lines.

Either way, it is assumed that Springer will use Total Divas footage on RAW during his segment with the Bellas. One can assume that real Springer magic will happen on WWE RAW. So basically, pro-wrestling stuff will go down. At least these people are trained, Jerry. Well, some anyway.