Sims 4 Releases, Gets Immediate Patch

Life simulation game The Sims 4 launched today (Tuesday, September 2) for PC and before the user uproar over bugs and glitches could become a meme, EA Maxis, makers of the Sims 4, issued its first patch. Although not unprecedented, it is very unusual for game makers to issue patches to fix their own games on the first day of launch.

The fixes were for some somewhat humorous Sims moments in this 4th edition of the game. These included Sims being able to go on a date with the Reaper and with Sim babies "hibernating" in household inventories.

EA Maxis seemed to take the Sims 4 glitches in stride, issuing a lightly comical bug fix patch help site rundown.

The Reaper still loves ya baby; he is just too busy to go on a date..
Already, gamers around the Web are checking in to talk about their first few hours of game play. Many of these players seem to have purchased and pre-loaded the game and then went live at midnight when the game officially launched.

Yannick LeJacq at Kotaku, for example, seems to be very pro-Sims 4 giving a lot of love for the game in his preliminary review. Not so much for Griffin McElroy at Polygon, however, who seems to have found some of the Sims 4 play experience problematic and even somewhat traumatic.

Although reviews are mixed so far, the focus right now appears to be on the "Day 1 Patch," as it's being called, to fix some serious issues with the Sims 4. Gamespot seems neutral on the issue, promising an official review later this week while announcing the patch.

The good news is that for those who've fiddled with it thus far, the game experience in terms of what EA Maxis promised for character creation, in-game interaction, and graphics delivery all seem to be reality in the actual game. Kotaku seems particularly impressed with these points. One point in EA Maxis' favor seems to be that they've foregone the "always on" Internet connection requirement that nearly killed the launch of the latest SimCity, wreaking havoc with players who used unconnected devices or lost connecting during game play.

While those wondering how the Sims 4 is to play will have to wait for better, more in-depth reviews until later in the week, it does appear that EA Maxis has another hit on their hands, thus far and thanks to fast patch work.