CeeLo Green’s Reality Show Canceled Following Controversial Rape Comments, Updated: Cee Lo Apologizes

[Update at bottom.] Cee Lo Green might have done well to follow the First Rule of Holes after he was sentenced only to probation after initially being charged with rape. Nobody follows that rule, though, and Cee Lo, apparently, is no exception, tweeting a series of controversial statements that have now apparently netted him a show cancelation.

Variety reported on Tuesday that TBS had announced the cancellation of “Cee Lo Green’s The Good Life,” in what could be a case of coincidental timing. The actual time of death for Cee Lo’s reality show was reportedly earlier this year when it initially finished its first season run. The announcement, though, could be a sign of TBS distancing itself from the multitalented musician in the wake of some truly scandalous comments.

Green is now infamous for for his clumsy explication of just what constitutes “rape” on Twitter earlier this week. Cee Lo previously faced allegations of sexual assault in 2012, as a female acquaintance accused Green of slipping ecstasy into her drink and having sex with her while she was unconscious.

Cee Lo rape tweet
One of Cee Lo Green’s initial tweets that got him in so much trouble

Those charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence and, reportedly, problems with the plaintiff’s accounting of the events. Cee Lo, who maintained that any sexual content on the night in question was consensual, still faced charges for the possession of controlled substances. The singer plead no contest to those charges last week and was sentenced to probation and community service.

On Sunday, though, Cee Lo took to the internet to start digging. A number of possibly poorly worded tweets seemed to say that women couldn’t be raped if they were unconscious and that “people who have really been raped” remember the occurrence.

The response from the internet was a resounding “F— You.”

It’s possible that Cee Lo intended to give a more nuanced comment on the issues of consent between adults when intoxicating substances are involved and was simply unable to do so due to the 140-character limit of Twitter. That, though, begs the question of why Green took to Twitter to opine instead of, say, typing out his true feelings in full, screenshotting that, and then tweeting the screenshot. Regardless of his intentions, Cee Lo is in it deep now.

Cee Lo removed the comments and deactivated his Twitter account. Green has since reactivated his account, and the offending tweets have been removed, but the damage appears to have already been done. The women’s rights online group UltraViolet began circulating a petition asking TBS to cancel Cee Lo’s reality show once word of his comments went viral. The show, of course, has already been canceled, and TBS has not commented on Green’s remarks.

Update: Cee Lo on Tuesday night issued an apology on Twitter for “the comments attributed to me on Twitter.”

Cee Lo apologized on Tuesday night
Cee Lo apologized on Tuesday night

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