Juan Pablo on ‘Couples Therapy’ With Nikki Ferrell: Trouble In Paradise For ‘The Bachelor’ Star Galavis?

Juan Pablo’s Couples Therapy casting has now been made official, and The Bachelor fans are dying for details. Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have been together since filming the finale of their “Bachelor Nation” show last fall, but are things falling apart? VH1 is sharing its first extended trailer for the show now that Juan Pablo and Nikki’s participation is official, and fans won’t want to miss it.

The first part of the Juan Pablo Couples Therapyspoiler preview shows Galavis and Ferrell arguing. She is saying that she wants a plan, and he’s apparently saying it’s not going to happen. Ferrell is in tears while Galavis is throwing his hands up in frustration.

At other points of the preview, Juan Pablo is seen saying he’s been wasting his time for six months while Nikki says she feels her love is never going to be enough, and, at times, she feels as if she’s still waiting for him to pick her. Previous teasers released showed Juan Pablo talking about whether Nikki might be “the one” and how she apparently is typically receptive when he tells her what she’s doing wrong. That phrasing is sure to raise some eyebrows.

The cast also includes Evel Dick Donato from Big Brother, and he says he is finally going to reveal the big secret surrounding why he suddenly departed during the last time he did the show. Deena Cortese from Jersey Shore, adult film star Jenna Jameson and Treach from Naughty By Nature are all in the mix of season 5 with their significant others as well. The Couples Therapy spoiler preview teases an engagement, but The Bachelor fans shouldn’t hold their breath that this one involves Galavis and Ferrell.

Nikki and Juan Pablo’s Couples Therapy confirmation comes on the heels of a vacation together in Bali, and fans are anxious to see where things really stand between them. They were together for Galavis’ birthday party in Florida recently, but Reality Steve says things are pretty rocky between them. He recently noted, “They’re on thin ice despite any claims by them otherwise.” As many have already guessed, he adds, “There’s no way in hell they will have any sort of public breakup before Couples Therapy airs.”

Despite all the controversy, and this show is sure to drum up more for them, Galavis and Ferrell have a good number of dedicated fans. Will Nikki and Juan Pablo’s Couples Therapy stint change anybody’s opinions of them and their relationship? Time will tell, and it all begins on Sept. 10.

[Image via VH1]