Chris Harrison Admits To Influencing Michelle Money’s Romance With Cody Sattler

Chris Harrison has been the host of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and more recently, Bachelors in Paradise. Over the many years of hosting, Harrison has befriended many of the contestants on the show and shows like Bachelor Pad and Bachelors in Paradise have been designed to match up the rejects from the other shows.

Chris may be able to predict some matches and romances knowing the former contestants, but he was very shocked over Michelle Money’s relationship with Cody Sattler. This week, Cody told Michelle that he was falling in love with her, even though they had only known one another for a couple of days.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Chris Harrison reveals that he influenced Michelle to keep the romance going after realizing that there may be a connection between them. Harrison hadn’t predicted this romance and he was initially shocked when they paired up.

“Cody and Michelle are the most surprising couple ever in the history of the show,” Chris has revealed.

“It threw Michelle off a bit, like, this guy can’t be real. Michelle is pretty down-to-earth and has a good bulls—t meter, and I think it was off the charts when he first arrived. But this is him, nothing but sunny days and happy-go-lucky, and he’s sweeping her off her feet,” he adds.

“I told her to see where this goes and she did. I have to give her credit. It’s been fun to watch,” Chris Harrison reveals, sharing that he did talk to Money about pursuing a relationship with Sattler.

But the journey to find love for Money wasn’t exactly an easy one. Chris Harrison may have played a role in planning the photo shoot date with Cody, where Money had to dress up as a bride. Michelle felt that the date was moving too fast for them, but it proved to be just what she needed.

According to The Inquisitr, Chris Harrison may have been spot on in influencing her to pursue a relationship with Cody. The report hints that the two continued their relationship once they left Mexico behind. The two may be getting so close that Cody is considering moving closer to Money.

Chris Harrison tends to interview all of the couples after these match-up shows in a reunion special, and if this happens for Bachelors in Paradise, then Money and Cody will hopefully share how well they are doing with viewers.

Are you surprised that Chris Harrison influenced Michelle to keep going with the romance?

[Image via Bustle]