Teresa Giudice Divorce Rumors Continue: Is 'RHONJ' Star In Denial?

Teresa Giudice could be getting a divorce from her husband, Joe Giudice, but it might not be what you think. When rumors that Teresa and Joe were going to split up hit the internet, the reality star combated them with a new Instagram picture that showed her and her husband in an almost-kiss. She captioned the pic (which you can see below) "summer lovin'," and it was almost her way of letting the world know that she and Joe are fine.

The thing is, most people know that Teresa and Joe are "fine" and that their marriage is still strong. The divorce rumors come in to play as more of a business decision. According to The Inquisitr, there is a chance that Teresa and Joe will end their marriage depending on how their Sept. 23 court hearing goes. If Joe is sentenced to prison for the next two to four years, Teresa may divorce him in order to avoid paying his restitution fees. Of course there are a lot more factors that come into play here, but you get the idea.

Teresa Giudice undoubtedly has a tough month ahead of her. She doesn't even know if she will be going to jail, never mind her husband's fate, but she has been taking advantage of her freedom. While sites like KPopStarz question whether or not Teresa is in denial about her relationship because of the family photos she is constantly posting, most people believe that Teresa and Joe would only split if they absolutely had to -- if it made more sense for their family. It does seem fairly obvious that they aren't faking their love for anyone -- what good would that do?

There have also been several reports claiming that Teresa will be fired (or has already been fired) by Bravo. However, the network likely hasn't made any decisions about bringing Teresa back and probably won't do so until after her legal stuff shakes out. Obviously she can't film a reality show from a jail cell... but if she gets off, there's a good chance that Bravo will keep her on. Why? Well for ratings, of course!

Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice have had a crazy year. Aside from their legal woes, Joe lost his father over the summer. The family has certainly been through a lot, and one cannot help but feel bad for the kids. Those four girls have lost their grandfather and now might have to be raised without their parents. Even if Teresa gets off and Joe goes to jail, it's going to be a tough ride for this family.

[Photo courtesy of Teresa Giudice / Instagram]