AshLee Frazier And Graham Bunn’s Explosive Breakup: What Happens In The Fantasy Suite?

Bachelor in Paradise stars AshLee Frazier and Graham Bunn’s relationship was rocky from the start, so viewers should expect nothing less than an explosive breakup on the show’s September 8 Season Finale. One of six couples who make it to the final episode, many fans are surprised Graham stayed with AshLee throughout the entire season, especially since he didn’t seem thrilled with her possessive nature from day one.

Previews for the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale show AshLee crying, with Graham saying in a voiceover, “I’m leaving.” While this could be produced to keep viewers wondering what happens on Monday night, blogger Reality Steve states that Graham and AshLee do not spend time in the Fantasy Suite and break up before the end of the show. If he’s wrong and they do have an overnight date together, the backlash from AshLee could be even more explosive than predicted.

Anything that involves AshLee and a breakup is sure to be overly dramatic and must-see TV. Although she tried to make friends with Michelle Money on Episode 6, there isn’t much love for AshLee in the Tulum Treehouse. After talking smack about Clare Crawley a few weeks ago and acting like she owns Graham throughout the entire season, her cast mates have been keeping their distance.

For those wondering if Graham dumps AshLee or if she decides to leave him, that’s a no-brainer. While it’s not certain exactly what happens on the finale, there is no doubt that Bunn finally comes to his senses and tells Frazier that their time together is over.

Of course, many viewers expected him to reject AshLee’s rose two weeks ago (Episode 5) when he got sick in the midst of the rose ceremony and she didn’t rush to his side. Perhaps Graham stuck around to spend time in Tulum with his Bachelor in Paradise castmates and new that he would have an “out” on the finale.

Even host Chris Harrison had something to say about AshLee’s forced connection with Graham. The rose master told TV Guide that Frazier “pressured him not to see anybody else… that’s not the kind of guy he [Graham] is.”

“Most smart, independent guys would like to come about a decision on their own and not be forced into it.”

Of the six couples headed to the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale next week, will any of them find love that lasts beyond the end of the show? Aside from Graham and AshLee, the couples who will appear on the finale are Cody and Michelle, Marcus and Lacy, Robert and Sarah, Tasos and Christie and Zack and Jackie.

As The Inquisitr previously previously reported, only two couples make a love connection. The four other couples either break up prior to shacking up in the Fantasy Suite or leave after spending the night together.

Watch the Bachelor in Paradise Season Finale, including the AshLee and Graham’s explosive breakup, on September 8 starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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