Nick Cannon To File For Divorce From Mariah Carey: Has He Already Moved On?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s divorce was reportedly no surprise to their family and friends. According to Radar Online, those close to Mariah and Nick knew that the two were going to split — that it was only a “matter of time.”

It has been reported that different career paths tore the couple up. Mariah wanted to focus on her music while being the best mom possible to the couple’s twins (who are now 3), while Nick wanted to focus on his television gigs.

“Mariah always wanted to be with her kids. She didn’t seem to care about Nick and more focused on her music. They were trying to do two different things — her album and his TV gigs.”

Although Mariah Carey hasn’t filed for divorce just yet, sources say that she and Nick have been living separate lives for quite some time. While the two seemed like everything was great, especially when they stepped out in public together, but evidently that wasn’t the case.

As far as rumors that Nick Cannon was cheating on Mariah, there seems to be two sides to that story as well. Some say that Nick stepped out on his wife, but others say that he was very mindful of his wife, and he didn’t step out of line, even when he was away on tour.

“He didn’t act single. And he didn’t show any ‘trouble in paradise’ on set. When he was on the road he was cool, but he would go his separate ways and the girls would go their separate ways.”

Mariah Carey has been accused of being extremely self-cautious to the point where it has become an obsession. According to The Boston Herald’s Inside Track, Carey depended on Cannon to tell her that she was perfect… flawless… this could have been something else that tore the two apart.

“She stays up all night, looking at every frame of herself in every photo and dissecting it to death. She is beautiful but has major body issues. She wants to look like a teenager in every photo and won’t approve anything until it’s airbrushed to an insane level.”

According to The Inquisitr, Cannon has already moved on from Mariah. He is said to be dating a model named Jasmine Sanders, who many think actually looks like Cannon’s wife (soon-to-be ex-wife). Oh, and in case you were wondering, sources say that it will be Nick who will file for divorce from Mariah.

[Photo courtesy of Getty via Billboard]