Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Hosting Event To Convert Jews To Jesus, Price: $10,000 Per Ticket

Phil Robertson has caused more than a little trouble over the past year for A&E which produces the hit reality TV show, Duck Dynasty, with a bunch of controversial comments about anything from African-Americans to homosexuals.

But did you know that another bugbear in Phil Robertson’s bonnet is Jews? You’re probably not surprised to read that since, according to Robertson’s school of thought, Jews have no chance, as they don’t even believe that Jesus Christ is the savior.

As well as filming the hit show, Robertson is a busy man, a very busy man, being that he runs a business on the side, and also engages with various religiously based ministries that frequently take him away from home.

WebProNews reported that Phil Robertson currently finds himself on a holy mission, one he is undertaking with his son Alan, to convert Jews to the ways of Jesus, i.e. Christianity.

In fact, Robertson is reportedly so into the idea of pushing his beliefs to people that he is part of an event for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI), a group that works to bring Jews into a personal relationship with Jesus.

The event, which has aptly (or not) been dubbed, A Tale of Two Ducks, was announced on the MJBI website with information about the event’s intentions:

“Spend a fun filled evening with the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, and other stars from the mega hit show, A&E’s Duck Dynasty. They’ll share heartwarming and hysterical stories about filming the show, what goes on behind the scenes, their lives, their faith, their family, and ducks. The event will be unscripted and unrehearsed, so who knows what tales of trials, tribulations and triumphs will be told! They’ll be joined by special musical guests who’ll provide their own special brand of toe tapping fun. Celebrate the simple. Laugh with us. Smile with us. Tap your toes with us. And as Phil says, get ‘HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.'”

Hmmm, “HAPPY” indeed, but how much does it cost to get in and can one haggle over the price? Well, if you are Jewish and feel the need to know about Jesus, a la Duck Dynasty style, then simply turn up at the Fort Worth Convention Center on November with $10,000 in your pocket. Do I hear you say “oy vey?”

Even though you can gain entry to the event for less money than that, the “Commander” package gives you all the bells and whistles, including:

  • One Premium banquet dinner table (table seats 10)
  • Two individual passes for “10 minutes with Phil Robertson”
  • Five photo passes with Phil Robertson (Limit 2 people per photo)
  • Ten VIP seats to the arena event
  • Five autographed copies of Phil Robertson’s book Happy, Happy, Happy
  • One Duck Commander Duck Call

So, if you have a spare bit of cash in your pocket and want to hear Phil Robertson spout his religious nonsense, you can check out the MJBI website. If you do, make sure you read their mission statement, as it’s quite something.