Johnny Depp In The Hot Seat [Video]

Who would have ever thought that Johnny Depp's backside would cause such a stir? But that is exactly what happened.

According to Stokes Sentinel, Johnny Depp is back as the Mad Hatter filming Through The Looking Glass in the UK. While there, Depp took a break from the Alice In Wonderland sequel to go to the quaint town of Leek. It didn't take long for the news to leak that Depp was in Leek, however.

Depp decided to pop in the Foxlowe Arts Centre, on Market Place where he sat for a spell, eating a slice of cake while downing a hot cup of coffee. The Daily Mail reports that Ian Wilson, the 52-year-old manager of Foxlowe, said the word spread all over town and then social media got wind of it.

"My telephone was red hot. I had to turn it off after a while."

Depp was at the café with his agent and two other people. At the time, there was no big hubbub, and people were sitting and walking all around Depp not even realizing it was him. It wasn't until after Depp had sipped his last bit of coffee, and finished off his cake, and moved on that people began the fan-crazed behavior.

Stokes Sentinel reports that Wilson says since Depp's visit:

"I've been getting a lot of extra business. People are coming in asking for Johnny Depp's chair. We've had so much demand, we've had to put it away, although the table he used is still here."

One can't help but question if Johnny Depp's chair is bringing in new business, why the heck would you put it away? Why wouldn't you use it as a marketing tool? Why wouldn't you sit it outside your door with a sign that reads, "Avast! Rest your booty where Captain Jack Sparrow had his."

You could even charge people to sit in the very seat where Johnny Depp's bum touched. Or would that be too cheeky?

It's hard not to crack jokes at something so asinine. And Wilson didn't have to remove the table? Aren't fans interested in putting their hands on the table where Johnny Depp's hands touched?

Don't fans want to know what kind of coffee Johnny Depp drank? Was it decaf or regular? Did Depp add creamer or sugar? And what about the cake? Was it red velvet? Chocolate? Wilson should name the cake after Depp. Fans could get "a little slice of Depp." Or the coffee? Maybe "Johnny Java?" Just a thought.

It's no wonder the folks in the UK love Johnny Depp so much. Johnny adores his fans, especially the young ones. In 2010, BBC reports that 9-year-old Beatrice wrote Caption Jack Sparrow a letter "asking him to lead a mutiny against her teachers." And Blimey, if Depp didn't show up at the London primary school in all his Jack Sparrow garb. Although there was no rumors of teachers dancing the hempen jig.

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