Salman Khan to Unleash ‘Bigg Boss 8’ on (Mostly) Unsuspecting World

It’s time to brush up on your Hindi, because Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan is ready to return for an eighth season of “Bigg Boss,” India’s version of “Big Brother.” If you’ve never heard of this gem of a reality show, your chance to jump on the bandwagon is coming soon; reports are that the new season starts later this month. Salman Khan, who lends his legendary wit and good looks as host of the hit series, is gearing up to take adoring fans on another drama-filled flight.

Literally. Because this time, according to The Indian Express, the set was built in the shape of an airliner, and Khan will take the role of your handsome and charismatic pilot. Yes, that also includes a pilot’s uniform. Fans are no doubt rejoicing that, despite rumors of his impending departure from the show, season seven was not Khan’s last turn at the helm.

Just like “Big Brother,” Salman’s show brings viewers a bevy of attractive young men and women (mostly Indian celebrities) placed in a custom-built house and cut off from contact with the outside world. Fans get to watch the antics and conflicts unfold as well as periodically vote to evict a “housemate.”

But a “bigg” twist on the tried-and-true formula comes in the form of the Boss. No, not Bruce Springsteen. We’re talking about the Bigg Boss, a mysterious figure who manifests only as a voice in the house. The deep voice basically commands (and sometimes encourages) the contestants at will and, when they’re voted off, sends the house guests packing.

Another difference between Bigg Boss and its Western inspiration is that Salman Khan, unlike Big Brother hosts, is more abrasive with the house guests. In the past, he’s outright insulted them, but in such a clever and charming way that there’s never any lasting hurt.

It was revealed in 2011 that Khan suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, a condition that causes severe facial pain. According to The Health Site, he recently returned to the Los Angeles-based doctors he last visited three years ago, in order to receive treatment for the disease once again. But there are no reports that Salman will be sidelined by the pain.

Check out season eight of Bigg Boss, even if you think you’re over reality TV. If nothing else, Salman Khan is worth the price of admission. Can’t wait for the season to start? Then check out this teaser video for a quick taste of Salman:

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