#JusticeForAvaLynn: 5 Questions That Need Answers Immediately

Can we let our children go anywhere without the risk of being abused and hurt nowadays? Do teachers allow young children to be out and about unsupervised, resulting in freak accidents or the child coming home with two black eyes that they supposedly caused themselves?

Are some individuals so sick that they would use an innocent 5-year old as a pawn to get free money for whatever?

One cannot help but look are the incredibly disturbing facts surrounding the viral images of poor little AvaLynn.

The beautiful, curly-haired, red-head came home Tuesday after school bruised all over her body, according to her mother, Lacey Harris.


Gulf Live reported that the mother told police AvaLynn came home from school with the injuries. Pascagoula Police Department Lt. Jim Roe provided more details.

“The mother alleges another child kicked her child on the slide. Right now, there’s no indication something criminal took place. I have spoken with school security and an assistant superintendent is investigating the matter.”

AvaLynn was injured at Arlington Heights Elementary School in Pascagoula, Mississippi. While school officials admitted the incident happened on school grounds, their overall position concurs with that of Lt. Roe, according to a statement issued following the incident.

“A student was injured while playing on the playground at Arlington Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. School officials responded to the situation. The parent was contacted and the student received medical treatment. No other children were involved in the incident. The Pascagoula School District remains committed to the safety of all its students.”

More disturbingly, Harris said the school admitted no teachers were present during AvaLynn’s incident, according to Daily Caller.

As concerned parents all over the country zoom in on Pascagoula, we cannot help to ask a few questions about this “accident” AvaLynn caused herself and some of the events immediately following.

1. Why were there no teachers present? During physical activity, teachers are supposed to be present to help prevent exactly what happened to this child; accidents and injuries. Where were AvaLynn’s teachers? One could flip the script on the school officials; how do they know this 5-year old caused her own injuries if no adult was paying attention?

2. At minimum, why wasn’t AvaLynn sent to the school nurse? With two black eyes and a swollen face, it should not be hard to miss that fact this little girl was seriously injured. The school did say the child got medical treatment, but that was only after she was sent home. There was no instance of the child being treated at school. Why did it take this little girl being bused all the way home for someone to notice her bruised face?

3. How does a child give herself two black eyes? Or better yet, how does anyone give themselves two black eyes? Did she run into something? Was something thrown at her? What did she did allegedly strike herself with so much force that she gave herself internal bleeding? What did she fall onto when she fell from that slide? It is very hard to hit to cause yourself facial damage as you can see.

4. Why did Harris wait two days to file a police report? She did rush her daughter to the emergency room as soon as the child got home, but why wait? The moment any parent finds out their child has been violated, justice should be one of the first things that come to mind.

5. According to AvaLynn’s GoFundMe page, the near $7,000 raised as of Labor Day will go to medical needs and travel expenses. Most people can completely understand the medical expenses. Poor little AvaLynn may need a mental health specialist to help her cope with not only the injuries but how to get comfortable in a public school again. People could even understand if Harris wanted to invest in private or at-home schooling to give her daughter the utmost protection. But travel expenses? To where and for what? It did not take Harris long to establish a fundraiser page; some people on social media are calling AvaLynn’s incident a fraud.

We hope they are wrong.

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