David Guetta Working On ‘Timeless’ New Album

David Guetta is reportedly hard at work on his next proper studio album. According to the French DJ, he wants to put together a collection of songs that is “timeless.”

Although the idea of a “timeless” dance tune sounds like a pipe dream, Guetta seems determined to make it happen. Instead of simply coughing up another hit single and crossing his fingers, the EDM mastermind is working tirelessly to create something that people can enjoy for decades to come. In order to make that happen, David has to spend a lot of time pouring over his creations in the studio.

The DJ recently discussed his upcoming record during a conversation with the Wall Street Journal. While the publication seemingly has doubts about Guetta’s ability to craft a “timeless” EDM track, David seems to think he can make it happen.

“Honestly, I’m a little bit scared. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before…. I just wanted to push myself to the max, and then play it others. I know I can make beats that make people dance, so now the challenge is to create the best possible music and songs that are timeless.”

According to Contactmusic, David Guetta is figuratively tearing out his hair in an effort to deliver the best possible album to his countless fans. When asked about the secret recipe he uses to craft his international hits, the DJ admitted that he’s not entirely sure how he’s able to crank out one popular tune after another.

“If you ask me what is the secret behind my hits, I have to say I have no idea. At the moment I work on my new album and tear my hair out, because I can’t reckon, If a song is going to be a hit or not. It’s crazy that people think I would have a recipe, but I haven’t. Live would be so much easier with a recipe like that.”

David Guetta is apparently doing something right. Forbes recently revealed that the DJ made approximately $30 million dollars over the past year or so. The only person making more cash than David right now is Calvin Harris. If someone has the skills to produce a timeless EDM track, then it’s definitely this guy.

Are you a fan of David Guetta? What do you think about the DJ putting together a “timeless” collection of dance tunes?

[Lead image via Steve Granitz / WireImage]