This 6-Minute Video Of The World’s Most Adorable Animals Will Start (Or End) Your Day Off Right

Labor Day is the holiday when we take a rest from our toil to appreciate the value of work and those who perform it. To celebrate, we’re going to start your day off with a 6-minute holiday not just from work, but from all that is wrong or stressful in the world. This video is going to show you the pure joy of simple goodness.

How? Cute animals of course.

Because what better way to show us the pure goodness of the world than the simple joy of a tiny animal playing, being petted or just enjoying the gift of being alive.

“We can judge a man by his treatment of animals,” said the great philosopher Immanuel Kant. And Abraham Lincoln said that he disliked any religion that did not believe in improving the lives of animals. Kindness to animals has been considered so important to living a good life that it was included as one of the original Seven Commandments in the Jewish holy book, The Torah.

All of that explains why images like the incredibly adorable clips of cute animals you’re about to see in this compilation — assembled by the viral video site The Humpy Observer — bring us such joy. We hope that these six minutes help start your holiday, or any day, off right.

And if this video isn’t enough, here at this link are 15 photos of the cutest cute animals you will ever see.