Kevin Smith Reveals Secret To Huge Weight Loss

Kevin Smith has opened up about his recent weight loss, which has seen the previously portly director shed dozens of pounds while filming his most recent movie.

Over the last few months, it has become plainly obvious that Smith, who has previously overseen the likes of Chasing Amy, Dogma, and Clerks, has become svelter.

When Smith posted a recent image of himself to his Twitter page, fans got a glimpse of his new figure and they quickly began to bombard him with queries about how he lost the weight. You can check out the picture below:

According to Comic Book, after much probing, Smith decided to give up his weight-loss secret, and it turns out that it’s actually down to his profession.

“True story: on ‘Tusk,’ I learned how to lose weight WHILE making a movie,” Smith explained. “The secret is not to eat sugar and stand all day. I never sit behind the monitor: I’m always moving now. I’ve been wearing a Jawbone bracelet and using the UP app to count my daily steps and every day this week, I’ve averaged 12,000. That’s close to walking 5 miles a day. I NEVER walk 5 miles a day EVER.”

He then added, “So while I stand there every day making this weird little movie with my kid and her friend in it, I’ve been quietly cutting pounds in the process. This is why I’ve been stringing so many movies together lately: filmmaking, for me, has proven to be an excellent exercise regiment.”

Smith has always been lovably overweight ever since he burst onto the scene back in 1994 with his directorial debut, Clerks. The most horrifying incident of his weight being a problem came back in 2010, when he was told that he couldn’t board a full Southwest Airlines flight because his size allegedly meant that he broke several safety policies.

Smith insists that he was actually able to put down both armrests, which was in line with the airline’s policy, and that neither passenger on either side of him objected to his presence. However, he was eventually forced to exit the aircraft, but he soon took to his various social media outlets, including dedicating an entire episode of his SModcast podcast and 24 video statements on YouTube, to detail his treatment.

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