Labor Day Sales: Caribbean Cruises In 2014 And How To Find The Best Royal Caribbean Deals

The Labor Day sales are upon us, and now that winter is around the corner, some people may be considering whether they should get away from the upcoming cold weather and take a Caribbean cruise in 2014.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, when the wrecked cruise ship the Costa Concordia was salvaged, the workers discovered human remains. The final destination for that cruise will end in Genoa.

Fortunately, we’re talking about finding the best Royal Caribbean deals at this time, not something so gloomy. I choose Royal Caribbean Cruises because I like to keep active while having fun and not many other cruise lines offer rock climbing, ice skating, surfing, and ziplines while still on board a ship. Now, I have not had a chance to try out the Quantum of the Seas, but the Oasis and Freedom class of ships carry most of the amenities except for a skydiving simulator. Even the older class of ships have been upgraded with fun additions like the FlowRider surfing simulator.

The Labor Day sales for Caribbean cruises are so far focusing on providing bonuses for onboard spending (usually $200), but there’s also a good deal based upon the Royal Caribbean Kids Sail Free offer. However, understanding how it works can be a bit tricky. The advertised price per person will not accurately reflect the final price per person because it does not include factors related to special deals. The price also does not included the taxes and fees, which can be quite substantial depending on the cruise, and still applies to individuals who are otherwise “free” as part of a deal.

For example, the Royal Caribbean deal can either make the second person half off, or you can pay full price for the first and second person but get the third and fourth person for free. Keep in mind that the second option has a completely different higher starting rate for the per person price, and all four people must share the same stateroom. For example, I just checked with Royal Caribbean and the final price for a seven night Western Caribbean cruise leaving in the fall of 2015 would cost $1,921.52 for four people in the same stateroom. This is great if you have kids, not so fun for adults even though they allow you to use the deal for only adults. Based upon the price for two people, with half on the second person, the final price including taxes and fees is $1,231.76.

So before you run out and purchase one of these cruising Labor Day deals, make sure to count the cost. Prices vary a lot based upon the quality of the ship, but in this case the price for a family of four turns out to be $480.38 per person, or a little over $68 per day. But the price for only two people is $615.88 per person, or almost $88 per day. Keep in mind that you will also need to tip your crew members, which will burn through that $200 in onboard spending pretty quickly.

Good luck on your Labor Day sales shopping!