Kid Slaps Mom In The Most Depressing Video You’ll See This Week

Type in “kid slaps mom” on YouTube, or simply go to the front page of Reddit, and you will be greeted with a link to one of the most heartbreaking, disgusting videos you’ll see all week.

Only thing is, it’s not really heartbreaking and disgusting for the reasons you’re thinking.

When you hear that a kid slaps his mom, your first reaction might be to turn him over your knee and find the hardest wooden paddle you can to put him back in his place.

But this poor guy had a pretty good reason, if the poster of the YouTube video is to be believed.

YouTube user REALHOODTV writes that this 15-second clip captures a 9-year-old boy violently slapping his mother, who has become so inebriated that she can no longer respond to him.

From the beginning, you’ll see that these are not the slaps of an unruly child, but one that is terrified that he’s about to lose the closest person in his life.

We know there are videos on the internet of animal torture and people being beheaded. These and other horrid things captured on moving images deserve their awful reputations, but there is something so disturbing about this heartbreaking failure of parenting and the resulting loss of innocence that we can’t get it out of our heads. We’ll shut up about the video itself at this point, and let you all see for yourself:

Unfortunately, due to the skin color of the woman and child in the “kid slaps mom” video, it was only inevitable for a YouTube commenter to turn this into an issue of race.

“Whoa that’s depressing,” writes YouTube user grafics. “Upstanding African-American citizens.”

From there, a debate ignited as others like grafics tried to make the case that you “see this type of thing a lot more in the black community” than in other racial demographics.

Thankfully, REALHOODTV responded in the way we would have liked to upon reading that first comment, “This is a human issue, not a race issue.” Another commenter added, “Maybe you should stop seeing it as a racial problem and learn to see these issues without paying attention to skin color.”


If we’re really going to act like we’re not a society driven by prejudice, let’s leave race out of it, and realize that at the heart of this video, it’s a mother struggling with addiction and a child desperate to save her.

It isn’t black. It isn’t white. It’s human.

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