Melissa Rivers Has ‘Fingers Crossed’ For Joan Rivers Recovery: Life Support Decision Looms

Melissa Rivers is keeping her fingers crossed when it comes to her mom’s recovery. It has been about four days since Joan Rivers was rushed to a hospital in Manhattan after she stopped breathing during a procedure at a clinic in the city. However, Joan’s condition has not improved. According to The Los Angeles Times, Joan’s daughter released a third statement on Sunday about what she is going through… and her statement was very simple.

“Thank you for your continued love and support. We are keeping our fingers crossed,” said Melissa. There have been numerous reports about Joan Rivers’ health, and at this point things don’t look good for the Fashion Police star.

Melissa Rivers is Joan’s only daughter, and many have said that she is in denial about her mother’s health. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Joan is on life support, being kept alive only by the use of machines. Melissa is going to be faced with a very difficult choice in the coming days if her mother doesn’t show any signs of brain activity. This, of course, is frightening and very, very hard.

Those close to Melissa say that she is having an extremely hard time with this. She hasn’t left her mother’s side since flying to New York from Los Angeles on Thursday, but with each passing day, things are getting harder and harder. It’s certainly not an easy time for Melissa.

According to Mail Online, Joan Rivers was feeling fine before having surgery on Thursday morning. In fact, the comedian performed the night before and all went well per usual. There have even been reports that Joan was even joking around before heading in to surgery — some say that she even made jokes about dying.

Joan Rivers has been shown an outstanding amount of love and support over the past few days. There have been thousands of tweets about Joan, prayers said, and positive thoughts sent. Joan is not in a good place right now, even though she is not in pain. It’s hard to say what is going to happen, but if Joan is on life support and she isn’t improving any, Melissa may be forced to give the “okay” to stop the machines. No one ever wants that responsibility to fall on their shoulders, and the emotions that go along with that are indescribable.

The 81-year-old comedian is “resting comfortably.”

[Photo courtesy of Larry Busacca/NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment]