Michelle Malkin, Alec Baldwin Spar On Twitter Over Troy Davis

Last night saw the claws come out on Twitter, with conservative blogger/Fox correspondent Michelle Malkin and actor Alec Baldwin attacking one another over the execution of Troy Davis.

Davis, a convicted killer who maintained his innocence, was administered a lethal injection on Wednesday night. Things kicked off between Malkin and Baldwin on Thursday, with Malkin getting the ball rolling:

Malkin: “Waiting for Hollyweirdo @alecbaldwin ‘s ‘I am Troy Davis’ tweet…”

Baldwin then took the bait:

Baldwin: “Davis is dead Does that make you happier, @michellemalkin?”

Baldwin: “Everyone tweet that great thinker @michellemalkin and ask her what killing a potentially innocent man does to make you safer.”

Malkin: “@AlecBaldwin Direct your minions’ ire/rage/profanity/racism/sexism at the US Supreme Court, not me.”

Baldwin:: “C’mon!! Let’s go all Town Hall on that supreme thinker@michellemalkin. A world class, crypto fascist hater!”

Baldwin: “I wonder if @michellemalkin will push the needle in herself on a man the former FBI director said might have reasonable doubt on his side.”

Baldwin: “Every sensible American is appalled when police officer is killed. But the attendant charges are grave. U don’t want 2 kill an innocent man.”

Malkin: “ICYMI: Here’s @alecbaldwin dragging the MacPhail family into his Bush Derangement Syndrome rant https://twitter.com/ABFalecbaldwin/status/116709382301036544”

Davis’s execution prompted responses from other celebrities, with Kim Kardashian chiming in:

She tweeted: “Such an injustice!!!! Troy Davis was executed! My prayers are with the Davis Family! #RIPTroyDavis.”

The execution came after the US Supreme Court rejected a last-ditch appeal – lawyers for Davis argued newly available evidence revealed false, misleading and inaccurate information was presented at the trial.

The case has divided the U.S., dramatically reopening the debate over the use of capital punishment.