Calum Hood Naked Snapchat Video: Was It Just A Publicity Stunt?

Calum Hood recently gave the world a very quick look at his erect penis during a misguided Snapchat session. Unfortunately for the 5 Seconds of Summer bassist, it didn’t take long for the teenager’s manhood to make the rounds on social media.

Although Hood claims the whole thing was nothing more than a stupid teenage mistake, some people believe Calum’s NSFW Snapchat video is actually a very risque publicity stunt. After all, 5SOS are currently making their way through the wilds North America. What better way to draw attention to tour than flashing some penis?

This theory was recently proposed by the folks over at KpopStarz. While it’s highly unlikely that Calum Hood wanted his erect tool splashed across the internet, the short clip did generate all sorts of publicity for the Australian band. However, this writer is having a hard time believing their record label would ever condone this sort of behavior just to sell some tickets. Then again, maybe I’m not being cynical enough today.

This website seems to think it’s a possibility.

“The boys were definitely feeling the cabin fever of tour buses and odd hotels. That plus four potentially sexually frustrated teenage boys cohabitating, it’s a recipe for a disaster. Calum Hood was the first one to blow the top! Some say that he may have planned the naked Snapchat leak this whole time, but it’s more likely that in the tour cabin fever, the 18-year-old bassists, in a moment of lost clarity, decided to flaunt his manly parts to an unsuspecting fan.”

Although some fans were understandably shocked and disappointed by Calum Hood’s revealing Snapchat session — it’s definitely a little too raunchy for us to include in this article — others are a bit more forgiving. Hollywood Take explains that some 5SOS supporters put together the Twitter hashtag #WELOVEYOUCALUM as a show of unwavering support. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for it to trend worldwide.

As you can see, the group’s fans are a devoted lot.

Do you think Calum Hood’s Snapchat mistake was a publicity stunt?

[Image via D Dipasupil / Getty Images]