WWE: Vince McMahon Should Have Been ‘Selling’ Daniel Bryan’s Injury, Says Dave Batista

Openly criticizing the WWE once again, Dave Batista says Vince McMahon should have been making sure they were all “selling” Daniel Bryan’s injury in the aftermath of WrestleMania 30, not just throwing it to the curb like a rejected story line.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s said that CM Punk and Mr. McMahon’s views on the WWE may differ drastically. But the businessman side must be hurting since not only has the WWE stock price tanked this past year but now a lawsuit is alleging that Vince McMahon misled WWE stock holders.

The Animal does have a lot to be bent out of shape about. He made his grand entrance earlier in the year expecting to be lauded for his return only to miss out on his chance for the WWE title and have his name be transformed into “Bootista.” While talking to Chris Jericho on the podcast show, Batista discussed the WrestleMania 30 main event and how he felt now that some time has passed.

“This is what I was bent out of shape about,” Dave Batista said. “I loved the match. I love that we put him over in the best way possible. We threw out all the bells and whistles… everything. Even up to the point of me tapping out. But the next night we came back [for Monday Night RAW] and they didn’t want him selling. It wasn’t his fault.”

As Jericho noted at one point, Vince McMahon would simply say the WWE is allowed creative license, although Batista believes that notion is “garbage” and seems to believe the art of the story stretches when those details are missing.

“You know, Daniel is an incredible worker man, and knows what he’s doing. But they didn’t want him to come back selling,” said Batista. “Which drove me nuts, man, because we beat the hell out of the guy. The guy is being pulled off in a stretcher. He gets off the stretcher and comes back and wins, but somehow mysteriously he’s all healed up the next night. That kind of stuff irks me to no end, man.”

Of course, when Daniel Bryan’s injury happened for real it was not too long before that was embedded in the story line and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were bringing it up. The good news is that the Yes movement’s victor is already talking about taking on Brock Lesnar despite having suffered from a neck surgery. Although, whether or not he’d actually want that depends on if Vince McMahon goes with the same story he originally planned for the match.