How Amber Rose Broke Social Media With Her Twerk Video And Why We Love It

A big reason why Amber Rose is adored by fans from all over is because she is not scared to be herself.

She rocks a trademark blond buzz cut like it’s no one’s business and the woman is impossibly curvy.

She has tattoos all over the place as well. One is a photo of her main squeeze, hubby Wiz Khalifa, whom she shares a son with: 1-year old Sebastian aka “Bash.”

Amber Rose did not have an ideal childhood. She was stripping before she was a legal adult to support herself in south Philadelphia. Shortly after she began a career as an eye candy model, appearing in videos of some A-list rappers, including Ludacris, Young Jeezy and Kanye West at the age of 19.

But she has never been ashamed of it. You never hear she boasting about herself, her money, her rich rapper husband or her adorable baby boy. In fact, you almost never hear this chic talking at all!

In fact, she once said she hated her trademark blonde buzz cut. She told VLADTV she had growing pains with the baldness at first.

“Well, I cut it and my hair is really dark naturally. And I was just like oh my god! They were right! I look crazy and I went home and I just cried! I just couldn’t believe that I cut all my hair off! And then probably a week later, I dyed it blonde thinking maybe it will soften it up. I put on my makeup and then I started feelin’ myself! I was like ‘alright, this could work!”

Yes, Rose enjoys marijuana with her husband. Yes she loves risqué selfies, but so what? What celebrity doesn’t?! Yes, she was a video vixen, but the beauty of it all is that she has never hid from it.

And frankly, there is something disturbingly sexy and confident about it. Celebrities spend millions to craft an image of perfection which is often based on inaccuracies and blatant lies. Amber Rose embraces the bad and ugly about herself and we love it!

Rose rocks the whole “been seen, not heard” theme very well and it has added to her success as a brand built from…well…nothing.

Her nothingness, on top of amazing good looks, earned her a spokesperson job with Smirnoff and modeling gigs with Louis Vuitton.

But more so, she knows how to love her man shamelessly.

Amber Rose celebrated her husband’s album, Blacc Hollywood, going #1 this week with a twerk dance video on her Instagram page that almost cracked social media in half. She and her assets danced to Wiz Khalifa’s song “A** Drop.” And according to Hollywood Life, the internet has lost its mind ever since.

Wiz Khalifa is very smitten with his sexy, bold and confident wife. Almost every photo we see of the two of them together they appear to be so in love and happy with one another.

In fact, it was Wiz Khalifa who swept Amber Rose off her feet after her messy break up with ex-boyfriend, Kanye West.

Of course, there will be folks who will loathe her lifestyle and image but you can’t make them all happy!

But the woman’s confidence and sex appeal is a force to be reckoned with. Twerk videos, bald heads and all!