These ‘Fish Out Of Water’ Are Interesting To Watch

Along with hundreds of comedic sketches, song parodies and covers, music videos, invention blogs, and viral shows, YouTube has become the number one source for most media. Actually, science has stepped up in using this video website to help spread scientific view among the masses. This also includes theories of evolution, something that has also been debated on Youtube as well. Ken Ham and Bill Nye had an epic argument in which nobody truly won and some believers in Intelligent Design tested Darwinists on their beliefs of evolution.

When it comes to evolution however, we here at The Inquisitr reported on how walking fish is making a splash with evolutionary science. Now there is a new video on YouTube that shows this report in action.

Uploaded to YouTube by the channel nature video on August 27, 2014, the video has over 300,000 views with over 1,100 likes. About 80 people don’t like evolution in general. Also, the video is popular enough to be on the list for The Most Popular Videos on YouTube as of the publication of the article.

As for what the video tries to show or teach, the explanation from the video’s page itself is shown below for further understanding and insight.

“Around 400 million years ago, fish left the water and started to evolve into land-loving creatures. But how did the transition happen? A new and unusual experiment could shed some light on the kinds of changes that enabled fins to become limbs. Researchers took a fish species known to be able to walk on its fins from time to time, and raised it on land. Watch the fish promenade in this Nature Video.”

What do you think about the video’s attempt to show how evolution could be possible through the experiment. Do you believe in evolution or intelligent design? Following the last question, what is your take of this video to your beliefs? Please let us know in the comments below.