Watch LSU Vs. Wisconsin Streaming Online Live; Battle Of Big Ten, SEC Powerhouses

Watch LSU vs. Wisconsin streaming online live by following the link at the bottom of this preview article.

LSU vs. Wisconsin. Wisconsin vs. LSU. Whichever way you say it, someone’s ranking is going to be catapulted after tonight’s game. The other team’s chances of a spot in the inaugural playoffs for the national championship will be all but over following this week one matchup of powerhouses from the Big Ten and the SEC.

Both teams face brutal conference schedules following today’s game and it’s hard to see either of them running the gamut after a tough loss on the first Saturday of the college football season. LSU has to face SEC powerhouses Auburn, Alabama and Texas A&M.

Wisconsin could feasibly bounce back from a loss to LSU, as their only other ranked opponent is Nebraska (ranked 22nd), but if they lose to LSU, they will likely be the victims of a soft schedule even if they do run the table in the Big Ten-West, easily the weaker of the Big Ten’s two divisions. LSU, on the other hand, has plenty of games against ranked opponents on their schedule.

You can watch the LSU vs. Wisconsin game streaming online live.

LSU is ranked 13th in both major polls coming into tonight’s game. Wisconsin is ranked 14th in both. The two teams have not played one another since 1972.

Both teams come into today’s games with some level of quarterback controversy. Les Miles has indicated that he intends to give both Brandon Harris and Anthony Jennings playing time during today’s game, saying that neither has distinguished themselves as the clear starter yet. Playing opening day against a ranked opponent should certainly allow one or the other to set himself apart. Tanner McEvoy is expected to start for Wisconsin over Joel Stave, who became interception-prone towards the end of last season, according to a Yahoo! Sports report.

Expect the Wisconsin Badgers to try to run the ball a lot and play hard-nosed smash mouth football, while the LSU Tigers will depend on speed and their passing attack.

LSU has not lost a regular season non-conference game since 2002 – a streak of 45 games, the longest such streak in the country. Wisconsin, meanwhile, has won its last 16 opening games. Of course, most of those were not against ranked opponents and none of them were against an opponent anywhere close to the caliber of LSU.

Who do you think will win this matchup of conference powerhouses? You can watch LSU vs. Wisconsin streaming online live free by following this link if you’re an ESPN subscriber or for a fee by following this link if you’re not an ESPN subscriber.