‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin On College GameDay, And The Roiling Hulk Hogan Situation

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin dropped by College GameDay on Saturday to help the gang make some college football picks for opening week.

During the broadcast, Austin did not disappoint, arriving to a triumphant procession that was captured on Vine with his trademark shotgunning of two beers at a time. He then joined everyone at the desk and had the audacity to pick Utah State over Tennessee.

(If that actually happens, we’ll come back to this post with our most humbling of apologies, of course.)

Even though you might expect the larger than life personality of a Texas Rattlesnake to stand out among the College GameDay panelists, that’s not really what happened.

Sure, Austin wasn’t caught on camera without a beer in his hand, and yes, he even forced one on Lee Corso, but it was Corso, as usual, who seemed out of his mind, even going as far as firing pistols into the air while “Stone Cold” Steve Austin looked on in laughter. Here’s a peak from the fun and festivities.

What hasn’t been too fun for Austin lately — okay, we doubt he cares, but still — is the heat he’s been getting from Hulk Hogan.

Hogan seems to be taking real-life issue with a lot of people lately, telling Brock Lesnar he needs to “watch out” after the unplanned “Party’s over Grandpa” remark during Hogan’s birthday celebration and then decrying comments that Austin had made downplaying Hogan’s significance compared to his own.

Hogan has said that “Stone Cold” is a “legend in his own mind” and recently referred to him as a “b**ch.”

Of course, if you follow professional wrestling, you know this is just sour grapes on the part of Hogan. No one made more of an impact in a shorter amount of time than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. At the height of his popularity, he was unquestionably bigger than the Hulkster, and if the two were to have a match any time in the near future — which is what Hogan is probably gunning for — it would be up to Austin to carry Hulk since Hogan really can’t go any more.

The biggest difference, it seems, between the two, is that Hulk Hogan has lingered in the only business he’s ever been successful at, while Austin got out on his own terms and if he comes back, he’ll be able to do that on his own terms as well.

Do you think “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the biggest pro wrestling star of all time?