Bo Dallas On The Way Out? Sure Doesn’t Seem Like It

Bo Dallas is a character who’s found himself on the internet rumor chopping block as of late. The Inquisitr even speculated that he might be on the way out in a recent post; but from the current SmackDown booking, it’s looking like this idea couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Jack Swagger and Rusev storyline has been a strong one for the Real American, and WWE has insisted on inserting Bo Dallas right into the middle of it. Bo has hilariously been following Swagger around heaping backhanded “encouragement” upon him each time he fails to upend Rusev and Lana.

You can tell that it’s all building to a boiling point and a probable pay-per-view match, which would be the first for Dallas since he moved up from the NXT brand.

Surprisingly, the rumors we have heard that Bo Dallas may be on the way out cite that Vince McMahon himself has soured on the character. This is unusual because McMahon generally has a feel for when a character is over. Sure, in the past, he has come up with some pretty horrible ideas like the Berserker and the Gobbledy-Gooker, but those failures were because McMahon was taking a shot and trying something different from scratch.

Bo Dallas, however, is clearly over with the fans. He’s the type of character who is supposed to get boos and negative reactions. His obliviousness to it all and his disgustingly sweet surface gives way to the actual heel hiding underneath at just the right times.

Dallas is, in many ways, a successful combination of Vince McMahon’s love of the gimmick and Old School heel.

And while this is a side-note to Bo’s genuine in-ring ability, it’s worth noting that the WWE has started using Bo Dallas’ “Bo-lieve” message to push web advertiser’s products on their site. That’s hardly the actions of a company that would want to get rid of him in a couple of weeks.

So if Bo Dallas isn’t going anywhere as the initial reports claimed, what could be next for him?

Well, in the immediate future, a run-in with Jack Swagger is all but academic. Swagger has lost so much face with audiences who’ve continually seen him fall to the will of Rusev that heaping Bo’s insults on top of all that makes a match pretty much inevitable.

We’ll know more about the Bo Dallas character and his future when we see him square off against Swagger in a future engagement. If WWE has any sense, they’ll keep him around for a long time and continue to push him up the card. The kid’s that good.