Emily Deschanel of Bones Welcomes Baby Boy

Bones star and sister of Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel, became mom to a baby boy yesterday.

34-year-old Deschanel and husband David Hornsby married a year ago in Pacific Palisades, California, and the pair became parents just ahead of their one-year wedding anniversary. Hornsby is part of the cast on the popular It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and is a writer and podcaster.

Henry Hornsby was born on September 21st, but the couple has not released details of the baby’s birth or vital statistics. Deschanel’s pregnancy was worked into the storyline of Bones, however, and the actress was outspoken about her vegan diet even throughout her first pregnancy. The star continued to eschew meat, eggs, cheese and dairy throughout, and was outspoken in her belief that the nutritional plan was better for mom and baby.

Deschanel’s nutritionist Ashley Koff commented to press about the benefits of a prenatal vegan diet and how the actress coped with her nutritional needs while she was pregnant:

“She loves nut butters… And sometimes we’ll do fun smoothies, especially if she’s at work. We’ll take coconut water, nut butter, and berries and make a smoothie so she’s got something to sustain her energy in a liquid form.”

Deschanel also recently discussed the wonders of pregnancy in an interview, saying that the baby’s movements were cool and a little awe-inspiring:

“I really like being pregnant. I’m in awe of the process and the science. And seeing my belly move is pretty amazing; it’s like in the movie Alien.”